Headshot of Jana Harper

Jana has over 15 years of experience solving complex business problems with elegant software solutions. She is passionate about clean code, collaboration, & agile processes.

Jana’s endeavors have appeared in Geekwire, Capitol Hill Seattle, Tech.co, and on Gigaom.

Armed with little more than a text editor and a love of problem solving, Jana began her journey as a developer in 1999. After teaching herself how to program, she attended the University of Washington, where she earned a B.S. in Computing and Software Systems.

Agile software development and open source technologies are Jana’ fortes. She is passionate about crafting beautiful code and collaborating with other technologists. More than 15 years after her journey began, Jana has created unique solutions for social media, charitable organizations, and consumer brands.

Over the past four years Jana co-founded an independent design and development studio called Duo Creative, opened a coworking space for creatives and techies in Seattle called The Mill, and bootstrapped a customizable portfolio service for designers called Well Crafted.

In 2013 her team won the Seattle AngelHack Hackathon and was accepted into their accelerator program for a new product called TruBalance. Jana demoed her product at Global Demo Day in San Francisco.

Specialties: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Apache, Linux, SVN, Agile Software Development

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